Taciana Davidson, Miss Brazil USA in 2004 with over 100.000 votes online, cover of international magazines like MOST and GLOBAL Sthetic, model of numerous international brands including Harley Davidson, Neopharma, Skin Spa, Carol Brasil, Oscar García, Patria Gómez Gracia, Samy Gicherman, among others and a very successful business woman, owner of “Body by Tacy” (www. bodybytacy.com) since 2015, a fashion and beauty venture with selected products and clothing to help loose weight. Beneath Taciana’s stunning beauty and charismatic, there lies and in nate sense of how the business world works and how she can blend fashion and fitness together, Taciana still has time to be a mom. She has an eleven years old beautiful son, Arthur, who lives with her in Miami. Although fitness is a priority to her, she also has s a great passion for the fashion’s world. She believes in balance, and that being in shape isn’t just about having a nice body, is also about being healthy, emotionally and health-wise. It’s a lifestyle, is her lifestyle.